Types of Landscape Architecture Scholarship

The discipline of Landscape Architecture has two broad categories of scholarship: (1) Faculty Academic Researcher and (2) Faculty Academic Practitioner.

Within each category, there are additional distinctions:

  • Faculty Academic Researcher
    • Scholarship of Discovery
    • Scholarship of Integration
  • Faculty Academic Practitioner
    • Scholarship of Teaching
    • Scholarship of Application
LA Scholarship Types for WordPress-1

Diagram showing types of research for the discipline of Landscape Architecture

LA Scholarship Types for WordPress-2

Diagram showing criteria for the evaluation of different types of Landscape Architecture scholarship

The faculty at UConn primarily view ourselves as Academic Practitioners.

A few words on the Scholarship of Application:

The Scholarship of Application leads faculty to explore how knowledge can be applied to consequential research problems in service to the community and society. This type of scholarship, to a large degree, is expressed via creative activity of the design, planning and implementation of landscape architecture.

The term/concept of “Scholarship of Application” first appeared in a special report titled, Building Community a New Future for Architecture Education and Practice by Ernest L. Boyer for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 1996. Over the last 20 years, this publication has become the primary source for the definition of scholarship activities for architects, landscape architects and planners. In August of 2005, a white paper titled, “Sustaining a Diversity Qualified Design Faculty” which is based on Boyer’s work, was accepted as the definitive work as to what represents scholarship within the academic environment. The following groups signed the paper in support: The American Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), The American Institute of Architects (AIA). The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA), The Council of Landscape Architectural registration Boards (CLARB), The Landscape Architectural accreditation Board (LAAB) and The Landscape Foundation (LAF).

UConn’s Office of Public Engagement is also based on Boyer’s publication, “Building Community a New Future for Architecture Education and Practice”.


Click this link to read the white paper titled, “Sustaining a Diversity Qualified Design Faculty”